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Basic Site Specifications

Businesses need an internet presence these days.......

Customer's appreciate the ease and convenience
of "browsing" your products and services:

congested traffic
  • when they have time
  • from the convenience of their own homes
  • NO traffic
  • NO parking problems
  • NO crowds
  • 24 hrs a day - 365 days a year
  • maximizing their "shopping" time.

And because they found YOU on the web

they KNOW they can get satisfaction by coming to you.

But many companies can't justify paying high hourly rates to employees or contractors to design these websites.

We offer an Affordable introductory package
designed to get you on the web for your first year without the huge expense.

For $1,000.00 we will design up to five web pages using your company information AND host those pages for one year.

Our plan gets you on the web fast to use it as an effective marketing medium.

We are targeting the small to medium businesses and organizations that currently have no internet presence. Starting at this point instead of a $5,000 to $15,000 web site makes a better return on investment for your company.

You might argue that a small site will not attract the attention of web "surfers".


Once you have a site, put it on your business cards, letter head, in your tv and radio ads - everywhere you are already advertising! Then you have a stable source of information which can better inform your current customers AND provide an information base for NEW CUSTOMERS who are directed to your site.

Investing $ 1,000 and a few hours of time surpasses loosing 10 times that
and a few months of effort before your clients both NEW and OLD
can easily come to your door 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Let us help you with whatever internet investment you make. logo